teen is mad

When Your Teen is Mad, This is What They Need

(Inside: When your teen is mad, this is what they need. When your teen is mad, remember this one thing…)

Parents, your teen is going to be upset with you at some point, and it doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong.


You can make relationships a priority, listen to your kids, and give their opinions weight, and your teen can still be mad at you.

Your home can be a safe place that welcomes your kids daily with warm food and a loving family, and your teen can still be mad at you.

You can be a parent who shows up to cheer them on, pick them up from practices, and dish out support, and your teen can still be mad at you.

You can have healthy routines, family norms, and expected accountability, and your teen can still be mad at you.

You can tell your kids like a broken record that you love them and are proud of them, and your teen can still be mad at you.

You can teach your kids faith, that God created them, loves them, and they have value and worth not because of their accomplishments or titles but because they were born, and your teen can still be mad at you.

You can strive to learn, try new things, and meet your kid where they’re at, and your teen can still be mad at you.

You can be a real family that messes up, genuinely apologizes, and tries so-very-hard to make it right, and your teen can still be mad at you.

You. Guys.

Parenting is hard.

teen is mad

It’s hard to guide kids in this crazy world.

To teach lessons in a way that they sink in.
To figure out what love looks like for them in certain situations. (Give grace or hold them accountable?)

You might not know what your kids need, but I’m telling you, I do. My 20+ years of teaching high school have taught me with-iron-clad-certainty that your kid needs-times-a-million this one thing…


Your presence.
Pursuit of them.
Persistence in learning and growing.
Consistency in parenting them.
And unwavering love.


Not someone perfect, but someone who loves them and is invested in their well-being with their entire heart.

They need you exactly.

So, don’t let this roller coaster ride make you feel like you’re not a good parent. If you’re showing up and trying, you are. And your kids won’t stay mad, they’ll get it at some point.

Moms and Dads.

Cling stubbornly to hope, you’re doing MVP work.

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