What is Your Story: How Your Story Gives Life

(Inside: What is your story? Sharing your story might be key to helping someone else imperfectly thrive in their journey. Your words give life.)

She greeted me with a warm smile, like we were old friends, even though I barely knew her. Impulsively, I hugged her as I came through her door.

She then showed me around her lovely home: her cute kitchen with the pop of turquoise paint, her barn wood floors, a beautiful table here, a handcrafted shelf there, all built by her husband. I could tell she loved her home the same way she loved people. I was instantly glad I came.

She offered me homemade peach cobbler drizzled with cream and a hot cup of tea. We ate and chatted. I had a lot on my mind and heart. I was feeling pulled in different directions with my writing and public speaking, and I felt lost. I longed to talk to someone who has traveled the road before me

I needed advice.

I wanted to hear the wisdom and stories of a woman ahead of me in life.

I had previously thought to ask if she would meet me out for coffee but then dismissed it. Surely, this woman had better things to do.

She is busy with her grandkids, her professional life, her personal life – she doesn’t need me to intrude on her time. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to meet with her? I would love to know her thoughts.

what is your story
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So in a moment of bravery, I asked her if she would ever want to join me for coffee. But, what she offered was even better.

She invited me over to her house. She made me treats. She made me feel like she had been waiting for me. She gave me such great advice. I needed to hear her words, her story, her wisdom…

The lovely evening ended, and I climbed into my car and began my drive home. The floodgate of tears opened. Tears of relief. I had prayed for direction, peace, wisdom, and comfort, and God had given me all of that through this beautiful woman.

This woman was the hands and feet of Jesus for me.

I think that was God’s intention. He created us to need each other.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”(I Thessalonians 5:11)

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”(Hebrews 10:24)

Community is a beautiful thing, and I’m not above asking for help.

I know who to go to for encouragement. I know where to find wisdom. I know who will wrap their arms around me and love me. I know who will speak the hard truths I need to hear.

I know God uses wise, honest, loving, and godly people in my life to speak to me. And I am not afraid to find those people and go there with them.

Because what if the lovely woman who invited me into her home and spoke wisdom and direction into my life had been too busy or dismissed me?

Her couch became a safe haven. The steamy cup of tea was therapy. The warm food fed my soul. The welcoming atmosphere allowed me to be vulnerable and honest. Her story spoke wisdom. Her advice gave me peace and assurance for my next steps in life. A small amount of her time made a big impact on me. I needed her words. I needed her encouragement. I needed her.

Because that is how God created us…

To need each other.

To make an impact.

To share our stories.

Momma, what is your story? There’s someone out there who needs to hear it. Share your heart; share your words. Make a moment of someone’s life just a little bit better, just like what was done for me.

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What is Your Story?

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what is your story

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