Momma, You Inspire Other Moms Every Day By Just Being You

(Inside: Momma, you inspire me, you inspire us – all of us fellow moms who see you at the grocery store, the school, and work. Read about the amazing impact you make every single day.)


This article is also published as my guest post on Moms Magazine.

I love reading a good blog post or book, hearing an inspirational speech, or watching a heartfelt movie.

But most often those moments pass and I forget what I’ve learned or what moved my heart or made me declare I will forever change my perspective because of the inspiration…

Instead, I’ve found…

The inspiration that sticks with me is what – or who – I see daily.

Like, my mom-friend who meets me each week at the pool. We sit with our feet dangling in the water, admiring how much our kids have improved at swimming. We chat and laugh and declare each other the funniest people ever – because we are.

Or the mom I sit with as we watch our young sons play football. When my son gets hit in the face, she empathizes with me as I debate if I should pull him off the field or let him tough it out.

Also, the mom-friend who shares her real thoughts with me. She talks about her marriage struggles and her continual bouts with anxiety – her authenticity makes me feel safe and invites me to open up.

And the army of moms who wait to pick up our kids from school together. We chat about everything and nothing. Rain or shine. In yoga pants or high heels. Crabby or happy. We always show up to grab our scholars.

My mom-friend who writes and directs amazing plays for our kids to perform at school. She shares her talent so freely.

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My mom-friend who was widowed way too young. Every time we chat, I feel the need to encourage her – yet, she always ends up encouraging me. Her faith, resilience, and ability to press on despite her pain move my heart.

My mom-friend who went back to school. What a hard and busy time to go back to school, yet she bravely did.

My mom-friend who entered a part of her novel into a contest and won. She has three editors asking to see the full manuscript. She inspires me by following her dreams despite the chaos of raising three kids (one with special needs).

And my mom-friend who walked away from an impressive career because she found it to be soul-killing.

My co-worker who left me a card on my desk welcoming me back to work after I took six years off to be a stay-at-home mom. She encourages me with her stories of being a working mom and lightens my teaching load by sharing her materials with me.

Or my friend who, after much debate, pulled her son out of school and took on homeschooling. She had a steep learning curve that she climbed like a champ.

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My friend with adult children who says things like, “My child who was the hardest to parent is now the one I am closest with. Keep going, friend.”

And my friend who continually opens her home for us to gather in a small group and grow in faith.

Or my mom-friend who measures how deep her friendship with you is by how messy your home is when she comes over. Messier home = closer friend. I love that about her.

And my mom-friend who persevered through an epic family crisis that landed her with no place to live but watching her grit and the community surround her: buckets of tears.

The most inspirational people I know aren’t famous and don’t have a huge following. They are quiet mama-world-changers continually making ordinary life a little more beautiful.

Mommas, our everyday living matters. You inspire every day.

So, how come we forget this so easily? How come we sometimes think that what we do every day is not important enough? Because of how I see my friends show up every day – that accumulation of tiny important moments is like seeds. They plant encouragement in my heart that grows and often sustains me through the day.

Everyday living matters. Everyday living is inspirational.

You are important. You are inspirational.

Importance of Motherhood Series

Do you really understand how important, how vital, how life-giving your role as a mom is?

Maybe you feel like you just poured the bowl of cereal this morning, but that’s not all you did. You nourished your kid. And through simple daily interactions, you teach responsibility, leadership, love, grace, faith, courage, and kindness. Your child will go out into life and share his or her gifts. Then pass everything you taught down to their kids. And next, their grandkids – your impact keeps rolling.

I’m getting chill bumps. Your ordinary work is extraordinary. 

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